Merry Go Round Skate Center

Skate Party

Pizza Party

 Pizza parties can be hosted during any skate session. (Refere to hours for session times)


  • Birthday child + 10 Guest Skaters (includes Regular skate rental)
  • ($6 per each additional guest skater)
  • 2 LG pizzas (serves 16) ($10 per additional pizza)
  • Drinks, plates, forks, & napkins
  • Colored Invitations 
  • 30-45 minute table reservation for pizza, cake, refreshments, and to open gifts
  • Hostess to serve party and clean

***Parties must be paid for, full, at least 1 day prior to the booked party day. 

No outside drinks allowed to be brought in.

Party planner is responsible for bringing a Cake

And may only bring the following to the party:
  • Ice-cream cups
  • Chips & dip
  • Guest list of invited skaters

** A guest list is required (please include all guest that you have invited, to skate, on the list)

Most popular party days are:
•Saturday 12p-4p
•Sunday 2p-5p

**^Friday & Saturday night parties are 7p-11p and are $125
<~> Standard parties are $85, and include the same as pizza parties except pizza is not provided. 
 Pizzas are not allowed to be brought in.